Polish Sausage Recipes

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This collection of Polish sausage recipes covers a lot of ground.

Thats because "Polish sausage" (also known as kielbasa) can be a lot of things, depending on where in Poland (or North America) it originated.

The term kielbasa comes from the Polish word for traditional Polish sausage, but in North America it often refers to any Eastern European style sausage.

I, like many other sausage making addicts, tend to use the names Polish sausage and kielbasa interchangeably. For most of our purposes here, either is correct.


As a general rule you'll find that:

  • Polish sausage is commonly made with pork, but there are many very good recipes that include beef (and even some that were originally made with bison and horse meat).
  • Traditionally, Polish sausage is lightly smoked, but some recipes call for it to be stuffed into casings and kept fresh (uncured).
  • Most Polish sausage (kielbasa) recipes use garlic as a major flavoring.

My kielbasa recipe collection is always changing. As I find new and interesting varieties, I'll be sure to add them here.


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