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This page is all about chorizo recipes. Chorizo is a highly spiced sausage that has its roots in the Iberian peninsula of Europe.

It was brought to the New World early in the Spanish colonization, and became a staple sausage product of Mexico.

The sausage found in Spain and Portugal is usually a smoked and dried or semi-dried product made from pork.

The Mexican variety that we are more used to in the U.S. is also a pork sausage, though it can be made from any variety of meats (including game).

in Mexico, this is most often made as a fresh sausage, and is used in many dishes. It is especially good for breakfast, and we serve it up often with scrambled eggs. It is one of my sausage making staples.

How Hot is it?

That's a hard one to generalize, but...

...One of the really nice things about home sausage making is that it gives you the ability to experiment. Take advantage of that, and find the right level of spiciness to suit you and your family. You're generally pretty safe starting with the recommended amounts in the recipe you're using.

Chorizo usually gets its signature spiciness from red pepper, and most recipes call for an addition of vinegar to the spice mix. Some regional varieties do use fresh peppers, but it is harder to predict the heat you are going to get that way.

I've found that, if I want a more "biting" heat in my chorizo, I use a combination of both ground red pepper (cayenne) and crushed red pepper flakes.


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