Sausage Making
Made Easy and Fun

Yup, sausage making is a lot of fun. It's pretty easy too, as long as you've got the basics down.

I'm going to show and teach you what those basics are (and a whole lot more) because...

...I want you to enjoy making and eating your own sausage just as much as I do.

Here's what I'm going to show you :

We'll talk about the different kinds of sausage (fresh, cured, dry, semi dry, smoked).

We'll explore a little of the history of making sausage and the ethnic groups that have contributed to the huge variety found in the world's sausage recipes.



We'll make the best, most flavorful, most flat-out-delicious sausage you've ever eaten.

If you're just getting started on (or thinking about) making your own sausage, you'll find everything you need to get you going...right here.

If you're already a seasoned sausage chef, welcome! You're invited too. Feel free to use and enjoy my ideas and recipes. Maybe you'll even share some of your secrets with all of us.