How to Make Sausage

Step by Step Instructions

It's pretty easy to tell someone how to make sausage, but it's even easier to show them.

I'll explain the actual sausage making process and include some photos I took at a recent session where I made a small batch of fresh hot Italian sausage.

These instructions for sausage making are pretty basic: If you learn them (and it isn't hard), you can use the same steps for just about any sausage recipe you choose. It's all just a matter of changing the ingredients and/or size of the project.

What About Curing and Smoking?

Every sausage recipe starts with a fresh sausage mix. To produce a cured sausage you simply add the sodium nitrate/nitrite curing salt to the meat. I usually do this when I add the spices.

The process of smoking your cured sausage is broken down into several steps:

  • Preparing the stuffed sausage for the smoker.
  • Loading the smoker.
  • The actual smoking itself (temp. control, time etc).
  • Handling the sausage once smoking is complete.
  • The subject of smoking deserves instructions of its own. You can find them by Clicking here for Smoking Instructions.

Every sausage that I can think of starts the same way. Learn to make sausage in the fresh, basic form first. Then it is just a matter of adding simple steps to that technique and you can produce any sausage you want

Step by Step Basic Instructions

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